Absolute Trash I Used to Listen to as a Teen

My last post was rather heavy, so I thought I’d write something more fun.. at the expense of my teenage self. My music taste has expanded immensely, I started off listening to Good Charlotte and Linkin Park as a kid, started get into the Post Hardcore scene as an early teen and now I listen to alot more Metalcore and alternative rock. However, there has been a few bands/songs that I’ve listened to over the years that makes me shake my head at myself. Luckily I have made most of my YouTube music playlists private so no-one can laugh at me, but I do sometimes go back and look at them for nostalgia reasons, my god have I found some gems.


I had to start at one of the worst songs in the history of music.. BrokenCyde – Freaxxx. BrokenCyde were somewhat relevant in the mid 2000’s, mostly listened to by the Scene community. So you know how awful it is, one of their lyrics are “Let’s get drunk tonight, baby, we don’t have to fuck… And bring your friend along: maybe we can have some fun” … Yeah, it’s absolute trash it it’s best. I think I only liked this because the whole song was about getting drunk and having sex, I was trying to be edgy and listen to something my Mum would have definitely not approved of. You can all shake your head at me, trust me, I’m doing the same.

The Millionaires:


Basically female BrokenCyde, The Millionaires were popular around the same time and was big on MySpace with the likes of Jeffree Star. The Millionaires were formed by sisters Melissa and Allison Green and are actually still performing now (surprisingly). I literally only liked this song as it was featured on the third season of Skins during Katie and Emily’s episode, I was borderline obsessed with that show and everything to do with it.. including this song. Literally the whole song is about getting drunk, as you can tell by lyrics like “This bitch is trying to take a shot, she can’t down one, what else she got? Jaeger, vodka, even whiskey, down that shit, don’t be a… Pussy”. Again, I think I only really liked this song because I was only 14 or 15 and really shouldn’t have been listening to it in the first place..

Hawthorne Heights:

This band and song is by no means the worst on this list, I’ve only put it here because this song is just so damn depressing and as an easily influenced teen, I really shouldn’t have listened to this song. With lyrics like “So cut my wrists and black my eyes”, you can really assume what the vibe of this song is.

Metro Station:

Again, not the worst band on this list, but not the best either. Metro station was formed by Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace Cyrus and Miley’s Hannah Montanna co-stars brother Mason Musso (that was a mouthful). They were most famous for their 2008 hit ‘Shake It’ which hit number 1 in the UK, but I preferred the other songs on their album (yes I had the album too.. -facepalm-). I’m about 90% sure the song is just about drugs, alcohol and partying, but it had a good beat at the time and was quite a fun party song. In all fairness, I’d probably still listen to this if I was drunk enough haha.

The Medic Droid:

Another Scene band I liked who made it big on MySpace, this song was played 2 Million times on the site. They only released one full length album, but toured with the likes of Enter Shikari, InnerPartySystem and We Are The Ocean. In all honesty, I have no idea why I liked this song.. maybe it was because me and my friend from School used to sing the last verse all the time, we even learnt it off by heart so it became our song in a way. Still, it is complete trash if you read the lyrics.

I hope you enjoyed laughing at my poor music decisions, once I find my old ipod I might make another list of the non Scene/Rock bands I used to like that were awful. Comment if you have any trashy bands you used to love!




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